Dagenham Park law students have launched a project to raise awareness of the importance of Magistrates in the UK legal system. The campaign also highlights the need for more volunteers within Dagenham and Rainham. Magistrates play an important role in the legal system at a local level, authorising actions such as arrests; detention; search and seizure of property.

The role of Magistrate is entirely voluntary and unpaid (expenses can be claimed). To become a Magistrate you must be able to commit at least 26 half days per year to sit in court. Employers are required by law to grant reasonable time off work for Magistrates, it is an excellent way to gain wider experience and it is a good opportunity to increase your knowledge of the British legal system.

Would you like to become a Magistrate?


*Aged 18-70

*Good Character with personal integrity

*Respectful and trustworthy

*Understanding and communicative

*Social awareness

*Mature and sound of temperament

*Being of sound judgment

*Committed and reliable


Why become a Magistrate?

*Its ‘fun’ and you are able to deal with a variety of low and high profile cases

*It’s unpaid but you will gain a large amount of experience

*Magistrates are recognised for their; reliability, integrity, maturity, excellent communication and organisational skills and the ability to make fair judgments.

How to apply;

Magistrates are recruited by the local Advisory Committee in your region. Recruitment takes place at different times from area to area, so it is important to check when it is happening in your area.

All the details you will need to apply for a Magistrate role; including phone numbers, application forms and the details of your local Advisory Committee are available via this link: