World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides. Every year organisations and communities around the world come together to raise awareness of how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide.

Each year has a different theme and focus, to bring to light a specific aspect of suicide prevention. Every year Samaritans campaigns with over 70 other suicide prevention and mental health groups under the National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA).

This year, the theme is the same as two previous years, ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide' but given the current climate, members of the NSPA decided to focus on the theme ‘connection'.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "I believe we can all play an active part in suicide prevention, which is why I'm supporting the Samaritans along with other mental health organisations this World Suicide Prevention Day. These have been tough times for all of us, but the internet has been a fantastic tool for keeping people connected. I encourage anyone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts to reach out and connect with a friend or relative, equally if you are worried about a loved one or co-worker there are some useful resources available online."

Samaritans have produced an online toolkit to support those who may be struggling with mental ill health called ‘What to do if you think someone isn't OK' which can be found here:

Equally, the Mental Health Foundation have launched the WAIT advice campaign; Watch out, Ask, It will pass, Talk to others. The details of this campaign with a helpful list of contacts where you can find support are here: