Since 2017 Jon Cruddas MP has been fighting alongside residents to resolve numerous issues that have continued to occur down East Hall Lane in Wennington, Rainham. At the beginning of April Jon pressured Havering Council into action regarding a substantial fly-tip.

This week Jon Cruddas MP has been approached by residents of Wennington Village regarding the ongoing issue of HGVs passing through to access East Hall Lane. The HGVs are alleged to be causing significant damage to the road surface and often leave the area covered in debris.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "these problems have been ongoing for a number of years now and I have worked with residents and the council to try and resolve them. A group of residents have recently sent over a petition to try and stop HGV access through Wennington Village by closing the junction with East Hall Lane which I have taken to the Chief Executive. Another possible solution would be to implement a highways restriction on the section of Wennington Road which passes through the village. I'll report back to residents when I have a response."

The wording of the petition is as follows: "We the undersigned call on the Council Leader, Cllr Damian White, to close the East Hall Lane junction with Wennington Road, to stop Wennington Village being used by HGV ‘muck lorries' to access an illegal site/s in East Hall Lane, causing noise, dust, damage to property and disturbance, at all hours."