This week residents of New Cottages, Wennington contacted Jon Cruddas MP regarding parking tickets being issued along Wennington Road. For those who live on Wennington Road, parking options are minimal, so many residents park their cars on land opposite their home. For approximately 25 years, this has never been an issue – until now.

Jon Cruddas MP wrote to Havering Council questioning the sudden change. He also relayed the residents’ concerns that the road was becoming hazardous in places due to alternate parking options.

Within less than 24 hours Jon had a response from the council. Parking Enforcement have admitted that the Civil Enforcement Officer should not have issued tickets at this location as nothing has changed. All officers have now been informed that this location is a private forecourt and tickets should not be issued unless a vehicle is encroaching beyond the delineation markings.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “I would like to thank the residents of New Cottages, Wennington for making me aware of the situation. I completely understand the concerns raised and the inconvenience caused and am happy the council acted quickly on the matter. Officers have now been made aware that tickets should not be issued in this location which is great news.”