Last month, residents of Blewitts Cottages, New Road, Rainham contacted Jon Cruddas MP regarding continuous power cuts. Residents had experienced cuts to power three or four times since the start of the new year, leaving some vulnerable residents with no light or power for medical equipment.

Jon Cruddas urgently contacted UK Power Networks on the 6th of March, expressing the danger vulnerable residents are facing when being left without power. Within days UK Power Networks were present along Blewitts Cottages carrying out works to fix the continuous issue.

The company wrote to Jon informing him that the power cuts have been caused by a fault on one of their underground cables. They explained that faults on underground network can sometimes be very difficult to find because of the heat caused by the problem often seals the cable restoring it to normal network conditions. Therefore, UK Power Networks carried out extensive investigations and installed specialist fault location equipment in the area, to help their engineers identify the source of the problem.

Unfortunately, during these investigations, the fault occurred again causing a second power cut. Eventually the fault was located, and all works were finished by March 15th.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “I am impressed with how promptly this situation was dealt with. UK Power Networks have been very efficient with their communication and actions taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again."