Back in 2014 residents of Melville and Cowper Roads in Rainham Village contacted Jon Cruddas to raise the issue of parking in their area. Due to the roads close proximity to Rainham train station many commuters were taking advantage of the roads free parking facilities. In some cases residents reported that commuters were waiting for them to leave for work in the mornings, filling the space outside their houses and remaining there until late, leaving residents returning from work with nowhere to park.

Jon Cruddas surveyed every household on both roads and residents made it clear that they wanted a resolution to the issue. Earlier in the year as a result of Jon's intervention Havering Council launched an official consultation in the area asking what measures residents would like to see implemented to combat the problem.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "I can now confirm that after nearly a year of consultations and keeping the pressure on Havering Council, the Highways Advisory Committee have agreed to implement a resident parking permit scheme in Melville & Cowper Roads.

"The council have also apologised for any inconvenience caused to residents during the period of consultation. This is a great example of people coming together in communities to achieve common goals, it's a real victory for the residents. I'm very pleased with the result and thank the residents for their patience, it was a long process but we got the desired outcome in the end."

If residents of Melville & Cowper roads have any further queries they can contact Havering Council via their website:

If any residents wish to contact Jon Cruddas MP you can call the office on: 020 8984 7854