In July a number of residents from Dunmow Drive, South Hornchurch contacted Jon Cruddas MP with their concerns over a planning application to build three new bungalows on their cul de sac. They explained that the construction of these new homes would lead to serious congestion issues in the surrounding residential area. There were also concerns about air quality, waste, dust and noise disruption during the proposed construction. 

The residents all made the point that the properties, along with the proposed parking, garages and landscaping would appear out of character with existing homes in the cul de sac. 

Jon Cruddas MP took the comments on board and contacted Havering Council’s planning department on behalf of residents to oppose the plans.

Jon Cruddas said: “it’s clear that residents feel strongly about the impact this development would have on their street. Of course, it is important to invest in housebuilding, however it is equally important that existing residents are consulted.” 

Havering Council took Jon’s comments on board and refused the application stating that it would be an ‘intrusive and unneighbourly development’.

Jon added: “I am relieved that Havering Council have listened to residents and refused the development. In this instance the benefits did not outweigh the disruption it would cause to the existing community on Dunmow Drive.”