During March, CEO of Stansted Airport contacted politicians for support that the airport believed was needed from the Government to protect jobs and enable the industry to help drive the economy forward in due course. Over the last two weeks the airport have been analysing a series of policy announcements and their impacts, as well as working hard to ensure London Stansted Airport is ready and able to weather these unprecedented circumstances.

The airports Chief Operating Officer has since contacted politicians thanking them for their help, Jon Cruddas MP being one of them. They welcome The Flagship Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and see it as a significant step in supporting jobs, the sector and the wider economy. With the scheme most looking like it will be extended past May 31st, the airport will be asking the Government to confirm this well in advance so that businesses can plan effectively.

London Stansted Airport’s CEO said: “While the significance of the Job Retention Scheme should not be underestimated, we are disappointed that further specific support is not being offered to the aviation industry as a result. Airports, unlike many other businesses impacted by COVID 19, have high fixed costs. They will play a significant role in facilitating the travel and trade that will aid the UK’s economic recovery. But we cannot simply close our doors. Countries like The United States have already recognised this and are providing almost $10bn in support for airports alone. We would urge the Government to do everything they can do to support airports and airlines at this difficult time.”

Following on from this statement the Chief Officer reassured that the airport have made it their priority to support their employees, maintain jobs and protect Stansted’s long term future. They are making use of The Job Retention Scheme where possible and as part of their commitment to their local communities, are coordinating opportunities for their furloughed staff to take part in volunteering. Unfortunately due to having to reduce costs wherever possible during these challenging times, the company have agreed a 10% reduction in pay across the whole business for the next year.