Upcoming Gas Works on Ballards Road

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Wed, 07/07/2021 - 06:00
Upcoming Gas Works on Ballards Road


This week Cadent contacted Jon Cruddas MP to provide information for their upcoming gas mains replacement Scheme at Ballard's Road, Dagenham. Although this will inevitably cause a few disruptions to the daily lives of residents the mains are being replaced as part of the Health & Safety Executive government mandated Scheme.

Cadent are upgrading gas pipes to ensure local people continue to receive a reliable gas supply for many more years to come. The works will commence from the following date Monday 12 July 2021 (for approx. 12 weeks.)

This project will be completed in phases which include road closures of side streets off Ballards road and also Traffic Management along Ballards Road. Cadent will be using the existing 8" steel gas main as a carrier pipe, and the plastic pipe inserted through. This will reduce the number of excavations and keep the site as tidy as possible.

Here is the outline of the six project phases:

    • Phase 1
    • 12 ? 26 July
    • Mini four way traffic lights will be place along Oval Road North from the junction of Ballards Road during week one.
    • Phase 2
    • 26 July ? 2 August
    • Initial pipe will be replaced and two- Way traffic lights will be in place and the junction with Review Road will be closed.
    • Phase 3
    • 2 ? 9 August
    • There will be directional closure on Oval Road North from the junction of Ballards Road to the junction of Crosby Road which will be closed.
    • Phase 4
    • 9 -16 August
    • Orchard Road will be closed so that we can carry out connections work to properties, access to the footpath will be maintained for pedestrians
    • Phase 5
    • 16 ? 27 August
    • Gas pipe replacements along the junction of Ballards Road to just past Farm Close, stop and go boards will be in place whilst heavy machinery is in use.
    • Phase 6
    • 30 August ? 17 September
    • Replacement of existing gas pipe along Ridgewell close

Cadent have explained that they plan to replace each gas pipe as indicated on the phasing plan, but sometimes residents may see them on another part of project due to unforeseen engineering changes.

Business owners in the area may qualify for compensation if they feel there has been a negative impact on their earnings by the engineering works, business owners are encouraged to find out more by visiting Cadent's own website here: www.Cadentas.com/sbc, or by calling them for more information on 0845 757 3202, or by email at box.CS.busclaims@cadentgas.com.

If you have any questions about Cadent's work you can contact them by telephone on 0800 085 4478 or by email to CustomerCareLondon@Cadentgas.com