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Tory Stories

Jon has launched a new website with Chuka Umunna called Tory Stories to expose the record of Tory led local and regional administrations across the country

“We will change the way we look”, David Cameron promised on becoming Conservative leader. And so he has. The ‘nasty party’ of the past now claims to be committed to social justice, environmentalism and the NHS, and describes itself as “the dominant progressive force in British politics.”

Yet this ‘compassionate Conservatism’ feeds off only one thing: doubt. The less the public know, the better the Conservatives’ chances at the next election.

What would a Conservative government look like? How would the party go about cutting the deficit? On whom would the heaviest burden fall? To find answers we must look beyond Westminster.

In Europe, we already know that the party has chosen to turn its back on Christian Democracy to ally with the hard right. But what is not often reported is that where it is in power in the UK it has displayed the same old dogmatic zeal for cutting services, the same old disregard for the environment and the same old overriding commitment to the interests of the most privileged in society.

Tory Stories reports from these outposts of Cameronism in action. The site acts as a depository for evidenced articles on Conservatives in local and regional government, showing that, once in office, the party’s actions consistently fail to match its rhetoric. We urge readers to contribute to keeping this as up-to-date as possible by sending in further Tory Stories from across the country.

Whether it’s Nottinghamshire’s indiscriminate service cuts, Boris Johnson’s unfair fare increases or the Isle of Wight’s disastrous energy policy, each Tory Story reveals the true face of today’s Conservative Party.


Jon Cruddas, Labour MP for Dagenham
Chuka Umunna, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham