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Time to Talk Day 2018

Time to Talk Day 2018

Today is ?Time to Talk' Day 2018 ? part of the Time to Change campaign. The day was established to help break down the stigmatisation and discrimination often faced by those living with mental ill health. Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham pledged his support for the campaign back in 2012, and thinks that campaigns surrounding mental health are becoming increasingly important.

Jon commented: "today is an important day for breaking down barriers and getting people talking. The sad fact of the matter is that many are still too ashamed, or embarrassed to speak about mental health issues, causing people across the country to become isolated ? that is why campaigns such as Time to Talk are becoming ever more vital. I commend the work of charities such as Mind, Rethink, and others but the bottom line is that the government need to step up and address this growing issue on a national scale."

The most common problem caused by poor mental health worldwide is depression, and leading charitable organisations such as Time to Change and the Mental Health Foundation provide a number of free resources to help people better understand its effects. Find out more HERE and HERE

In recent years Jon Cruddas has also pledged his support for the work of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (HERE). People with mental health issues are three times more likely to be in problem debt, and it works both ways. Reports suggest that people living in more deprived conditions are more likely to suffer from mental ill health.

The link between financial difficulty and mental health problems is a growing concern, one which trickles down through family networks and has a disproportionate effect on children in disadvantaged situations.

The Mental Health Foundation explains: "A review conducted in 2013 found that socioeconomic deprivation had a clear relationship with mental health problems in childhood and adolescence. Children from socio-economically disadvantaged families were three times more likely to develop mental health problems."

Jon said: "This is why it is important now more than ever for people to support the growing number of campaigns centred around preventative measures, and ending stigma and discrimination ? particularly in schools around young people and in the workplace."

Today Jon Cruddas has been contacted by the Royal Society for Public Health who are seeking to establish a new All Party Parliamentary Group for Social Media and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing. Jon has agreed to become a member of the group to help address the growing need to support young people with mental health issues.