General Election 2024

This website was established whilst I was an MP. From 30th May 2024 to 4th July 2024 there are no Members of Parliament due to the dissolution of Parliament and the General Election. I will not be standing again at the General Election. 


ANZAC Day commemoration

Jon Cruddas MP recently attended the ANZAC Day commemoration. 

ANZAC Day is remembered every year at a ceremony on Dovers Green Rainham. Dovers Green is at the heart of the New Zealand Estate which was built in the 1950s and named in memory of those soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who were based in Rainham and Hornchurch during both World Wars. Soldiers whose bravery and sacrifice are remembered and honoured. 

Strong local opposition to Maytree Close housing plan

Residents of Maytree Close Rainham have expressed their outright opposition to a developer’s plans to build 4 town houses on a former community amenity area.

The Maytree Close residents contacted Jon Cruddas MP with their strong concerns about the development and after listening to the issues, Jon made his formal objections to Havering Council’s Planning department.

Elm Park shops: local crime ‘summit’

A meeting took place on Friday 22 March in the Elm Park shopping area to discuss the spate of prolific shoplifting and the plans on how to tackle the problem.  

The meeting was attended by the Police Superintendent for Havering, Elm Park councillors including Council Cabinet member, Barry Mugglestone, the managers of the shops that have suffered, together with Margaret Mullane and Jon Cruddas MP, who had convened the meeting.

Jon Cruddas MP | Spring Budget Response 2024

I say it after every Budget over these past 14 years, but what we have been given is more smoke and mirrors. Like previous Tory Budgets it will yet again be working people who fall foul of the Government’s sleight of hand and the services we all depend on will further deteriorate. People will conclude that 14 years has led to the country being worse off and living standards for working people have worsened.

Air Pollution Reports in Rainham

Jon Cruddas MP and Labour’s PPC Margaret Mullane have both received reports from residents around the Parsonage Road, Rainham area of alleged illegal burning of plastic. Residents have spoken of strong smells of plastic burning around school pick up of children who attend Parsonage Farm Primary. This has allegedly been happening 2/3 times a week, for several weeks.

MP Challenges Leaseholder Service Charge Rip Off

Jon Cruddas MP has pursued his campaign to halt the rip off being suffered by leaseholders and shared owners of apartments. Service charges levied by freeholders of blocks of flats have been escalating to the point where many families in Dagenham and Rainham are now desperately struggling to make ends meet.