Tax credit changes currently being debated in parliament are set to leave thousands of working people across Dagenham & Rainham £1,300 a year worse off. Last week local MP Jon Cruddas joined 294 other MPs in opposing the Tax Credit Bill, and last night (26.10.15) the House of Lords demanded major changes to the bill – however George Osborne is still trying to push the policies through.

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Jon Cruddas commented: “Let’s make no mistake, and let’s call this what it is – an attack on working families. We will feel the impact more than most in Dagenham & Rainham if this bill is passed next year, because the number of people on low or part-time incomes is significantly higher here than the London average. The fact of the matter is that 57 per cent of local households are set to lose £1,300. I don’t think this is right.

“The Tories recently said they are the party of working people but the impact of this ill-conceived policy will tell a different story; 11,500 children from 9,000 working families in my constituency are effectively facing a work penalty if this is introduced next year.

“I voted against the cut and will continue to fight the Tories on this. In today’s climate nobody can afford to lose £1,300, especially the people still earning beneath the living wage that rely on these credits to get by. The argument that a living wage has been implemented is a spurious claim, as we all know that unless it is enforced properly many businesses will continue to exploit workers – and the Tories want to take away the safety net.”

The impact of the tax credit cut in numbers for Dagenham & Rainham:

  • 6,600 working families currently receive tax credits.
  • 9,000 families with children currently receive tax credits.
  • 5,800 working families with children currently receive tax credits
  • And there are 11,500 children in families that currently receive tax credits.
  • 57 per cent of the families in Dagenham & Rainham currently receive tax credits.
  • 63 per cent of children in Dagenham & Rainham are from families that currently receive tax credits.

In light of the local impact Jon Cruddas is launching a public consultation to find out what residents think about the proposed cut to tax credits. Want to have your say? Please take a minute to fill in our survey: