Jon Cruddas MP held the first meeting of the Rainham flood action working group on Monday 8th March. The meeting was attended by senior officers from Havering Council, Thames Water, Environmental Agency, and Network Rail.

The purpose of the meeting was to ensure all agencies are working together to protect Rainham from future floods. Updates were given on works that have been recently carried out by Thames Water and others.

Over the last few days Jon Cruddas MP has been liaising with residents who have suffered as a result of flooding in the Rainham area to try and ensure that support is in place for those that need it. Today Jon has written to the Chief Executive of Havering Council raising concerns about the state of drainage in the areas that suffered most.


  • MP joins forces with Thames Water to raise awareness of sewer blockage
  • Demonstration proves "flushable" wipes don't degrade in sewers, with only the three Ps flushable: poo, pee and toilet paper
  • 3,452 blockages cleared from Dagenham and Rainham sewers in last three years while 13 properties have been flooded with sewage