Dagenham Heathway Post Office

For the past couple of months local residents in Dagenham have voiced their concerns over the fate of the Post Office at Dagenham Heathway. This is one of the very few centres in the borough still owned outright by the Post Office.

Prison plans for Beam Park reissued

The Ministry of Justice have recently contacted London Mayor Boris Johnson outlining the government’s strategy to establish a new modern prison with a 2000 place capacity in Dagenham. The original plans that were put forward in 2009 for a 1500 capacity prison were fought against by thousands of constituents and the proposal was overthrown. These new plans propose a larger facility than the one put forward in 2009.

Dagenham Police Station saved!

Dagenham Police Station saved!

Following many months of consultation, decisions have finally been made with regard to the boroughs police stations.

Today Hornchurch Police Station; tomorrow.....who knows?