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Jon Cruddas

Jon Cruddas MP - Power and Belonging

May 07, 2014

Jon Cruddas delivered a speech to the Acevo Conference today 07.05.2014

The full transcript of the speech entitled: Power and Belonging can be read by clicking here:

Power and Belonging - Jon Cruddas MP


Jon Cruddas MP - Chadwell Heath cost of living consultation meeting

Feb 13, 2014

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham was asked about his role in the Shadow Cabinet, and provided a brief round up of the policy review that he is coordinating for the Labour Party.

Jon Cruddas MP - on local health provisions

Feb 13, 2014

This was the launch meeting of an extensive cost of living consultation across Dagenham and Rainham. Jon Cruddas launched the public consultation to find out what is at the heart of the problems affecting local people across his constituency. The first meeting was held at the top of the constituency in Chadwell Heath ward, Marks Gate.

BanD Together pilot project launched to help food banks in the local area

Oct 21, 2013
Since 2012 Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham has been in discussion about how to bring together all of the council, voluntary and faith organisations in the borough. On Friday 11th October ‘BanD Together’ (Barking and Dagenham Together) was launched.

The Campaign Continues - today's super-prison announcement

Sep 04, 2013

The prison campaign continues

It was announced today that four prisons across the country are to close in alignment with the building of a new super-prison in Wales. The 2,000 capacity prison to be built in the Wrexham area is the first part of a massive revamp of HM Prison Service; officials are also looking at many other sites, of which the Beam Park site in Dagenham and Rainham has still not been ruled out.

Public consultation meeting regarding the prison proposals

Sep 03, 2013

Following the magnitude of surveys, letters, phone calls and emails that the MP’s office has received regarding the plans to build a prison on the Beam Park site between Dagenham and Rainham, Jon Cruddas MP is to hold another public consultation meeting.

Beam County Primary School Eco-Garden Project

Jul 30, 2013

Beam County Primary school is well on its way to becoming an eco-school. Over the past year their garden project has really grounded its roots in the local community and in the everyday lives of the pupils.


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