Havering has the country’s ninth highest death rate for terminal asbestos cancer according to new figures.

Save King George Hospital

Join Jon and other members in the community at the rally to save King George Hospital.



Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Health Secretary has launched voteNHS.com to outline Labour's health campaign.

The "Target Cancer" campaign aims to save up to 10,000 lives by backing a pledge to create a new NHS guarantee of cancer diagnosis within one week of GP referral, allowing patients to be tested and told their results in just seven days.


Asbestos: A deadly legacy

From: The Independent on Sunday

They called it "the Barking cough". First it began like any other: a tickle in the chest and slight pain on breathing. Then, within a matter of months, the sufferer was in agony, gasping for air and eventually suffocating to death as a vicious cancer attacked their lungs waiting for the final lingering, inevitable end which might not come for decades.