The electoral drubbing dished out to the BNP by the people of Barking and Dagenham is something for us all to celebrate and be proud of our borough for.

A number of different campaigns were run across the borough led chiefly by the two local Labour MPs in Barking and Dagenham. Also Hope not Hate mobilised thousands of activists to take action with various groups across the local community taking a stand to reject the poisonous politics of the BNP.

It was reported yesterday that campaign calendars distributed by Dagenham and Rainham Conservatives ‘airbrushed out' ethnic minority candidates from photos. The founder of Operation Black Vote has alleged that the calendars, which also feature a large image of David Cameron, ‘pander' to race hatred.

Tory Stories has obtained details of the Conservative response to the claims that ethnic minority candidates were ‘airbrushed out' of electoral material. The Observer reported that, on being confronted with the allegations, the party appeared to make a rushed attempt to cover up its dubious electoral practices.

You can read the full story and see the dodgy material here.

Tory Stories has lifted the lid on new questions around Havering Tories' anti immigration leaflet. You can read the full story here

Come to Dagenham to beat the BNP on the Eastern Front! Jon Cruddas and Dagenham & Rainham Labour are working hard to stop the BNP taking control of the local council and will be holding a campaign day on March 13th.

If you are a first time canvasser or an experienced activist all are welcome to join the campaign day with training for newcomers provided and a hot lunch in between sessions.

You can sign up to the campaign day here.

The Dagenham 500

Want to help Jon Cruddas beat the BNP in the new seat of Dagenham and Rainham? Free on Saturday? Join us for the Dagenham 500!

Jon Cruddas is fighting the BNP in the marginal, re-drawn constituency of Dagenham and Rainham.

On the 28th and 29th November we are holding the Dagenham 500. We'll be speaking to 500 voters in each council ward, in one weekend, supported by Trade Unions, local members, London Young Labour, Labour Students, activists from across London and supporters in the local community.

Fighers and Believers