A playgroup/pre-school in Rainham that was founded in 1971 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  Brenda Dorman, the original founder of Chandlers Chatters playgroup/pre-school, was inspired to open a playgroup because of her own children. Once she found a setting, she had to become qualified to be able to run the group, so attended afternoon sessions in childcare to get her qualifications. 50 years on and Sue Allen (who has managed the school for the past four years but worked there for many more) has also seen her own children attend the school.


Councillor Peter Chand

This month, Jon Cruddas MP’s team had the pleasure of meeting with Peter Chand who is a Labour Councillor for River Ward in Barking and Dagenham. He is also the former Mayor of the borough. Peter is very dedicated to the residents of Barking and Dagenham and is a proud Dagenham-born man himself.


Peter’s Dedication to The Borough

Corbets Tey at The Avelon is located in South Hornchurch Ward in Rainham and is an extension of Corbets Tey Specialist School in Upminster. Corbets Tey provide a flexible and personalised curriculum to students age 16-25 with additional and complex needs. Their aim is to provide a meaningful and relevant set of learning experiences which together provide an engaging curriculum, enabling both participation and achievement for all pupils - whilst preparing them for the future.

At the beginning of July, Jon Cruddas MP's team had the pleasure of visiting Build On Belief at St Lukes Church on Dagenham Road. Build On Belief specialises in designing, implementing and running weekend services for people who are struggling with, or are in recovery from their substance use; namely drugs and alcohol.

At the beginning of June, Jon Cruddas MP's team had the pleasure of visiting Wellgate Community Farm. Wellgate Community Farm began its life in 1982, set up by local volunteers as a project which would encourage local participation in all aspects of the Farm's activity. The name Wellgate is derived from the two local estates from which the first volunteers came: Chadwell Heath and Marks Gate.

Lightnin Drama group is a Rainham based performing arts group run by Sue Ospreay - a lady well and truly embedded into the local community for all her hard work over the years. Come September, Sue will have been running the school for 41 years!

This week, Jon Cruddas MP's team had the pleasure of meeting with Dagenham resident, horticultural enthusiast and charity volunteer, John Seaman. John is part of the National Garden Scheme in Essex. The scheme gives visitors access to over 3500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales. 100 of these gardens are in Essex. The scheme raises impressive amounts of money for nursing and health charities through admissions, teas, and cake. The scheme has been running for 90 years.

John's Exotic Garden

‘Charity Begins at Home – Essex' is a new Charity shop that has recently opened in Rainham Village making it the only charity shop for residents living in Rainham. For years, Joe Norman and his wife Ann have always been involved with supporting charities such as St. Francis Hospice, The British Heart Foundation, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, and the Air Ambulance.


Councillor Glenda Paddle

Last month, Jon Cruddas MP's team had the pleasure of meeting with Glenda Paddle who is a Labour Councillor for Whalebone Ward for Barking and Dagenham and the Chair of Policy Task Group. Glenda is dedicated to helping the residents of Barking and Dagenham and has been a resident of the borough herself for 35 years.

Glenda's Dedication

Jon Cruddas MP's team met with Jeff Stafford the secretary from the Havering Cyclists. Havering Cyclists represents one of thirty-three branches of the London Cycling Campaign. By joining this group, members are given third party insurance as a cyclist. Havering Cyclists work their hardest alongside Havering Council and Transport for London to make roads, traffic lights and highways safer for cyclists. This is greatly appreciated work given the increase of cyclists on the road since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.