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Should We Stay or Should We Go? A Debate Over Brexit

Jun 10, 2016

In less than two weeks the people of Britain will be taking the decision to either Leave or Remain in the European Union. This is arguably the biggest vote this country has faced in a generation. Last week on 2nd June The Nation magazine published a view from four leading figures on the British left to shed some light on the issues surrounding both Leave and Remain. Local MP Jon Cruddas was one of the contributors alongside Helen Lewis, Harris Beider and Tariq Ali.

Changing Britain Together

Dec 09, 2014

The Labour Party has recently released a pre-manifesto policy document, and is calling for Labour Party supporters, members and activists to contribute via the website on five key subjects.

You can contribute to the discussion 'Changing Britain Together' here: 

You can read the pre-manifesto policy document by clicking HERE 


Jon Cruddas MP - The Condition of Britain: Full video

Feb 19, 2013

Jon cruddas MP for dagenham and Rainham and Labour's Policy Coordinator gave a speech on 14.02.2013 at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). 

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