Marking the 14th anniversary of Labour introduced Armed Forces Day and against the backdrop of a decade of Tory failure to invest in defence, Labour’s leadership has supported the relaunch of a renewed Labour Friends of Forces (LFF).

With a new offer to members, fresh mission statement and support from the Labour leader, LFF has set out how exactly it will create an effective forum for bolstering the party’s connection with the force’s community and winning back the public’s faith Labour’s stance on defence.


Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. On Tuesday 8 May 1945 Britain and the Allied Forces accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany and brought the Second World War to an end after nearly six years of fighting. 

Dagenham and Rainham has a long and proud service history and there is no doubt that under different circumstances VE Day would have been a vibrant and joyous celebration across the constituency.


Saturday 29th June marks the 11th annual Armed Forces Day. 

Dagenham and Rainham has a long and proud service history, and this year the day will be marked in Barking and Dagenham by the Barking Royal British Legion and a fundraiser for the charity Help for Heroes, and in Havering with the annual Armed Forces Day parade. 

The object of this day is to raise public awareness and show national support for the contribution made to our country by those who serve in the Armed Forces. It is not only a tribute to current serving members but also a time to remember and pay tribute to the service men and women of the past and service families.

The National Event is taking place in Guildford this weekend, and there are numerous other events taking place up and down the country.

Armed Forces Day 2013

This year will mark the fifth annual Armed Forces Day.

The local Council is proud to show its support for Armed Forces Day 2013, and will be doing so in a number of ways this year, including a community event at Valence House Museum on the day itself.

In response to last week’s events in Woolwich, the Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council Liam Smith released a statement condemning the attacks. The local MP Jon Cruddas is in full support of the statement, agreeing that incidents such as this need to be tackled head on.

Liberty Credit Union receives boost in funding


A community led credit organisation that offers fair savings alternatives and vitally needed support to people in desperate need of loans has been awarded £38,500 of funding. Liberty Credit Union has existed since 2003 and aims to encourage responsible borrowing in order to deter people from using loan sharks and businesses that charge extortionate interest rates.


Armed Forces Day 2012

Armed Forces Day 2012


This will be the fourth annual Armed Forces Day.