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Strong local opposition to Maytree Close housing plan

Maytree Close
Strong local opposition to Maytree Close housing plan

Residents of Maytree Close Rainham have expressed their outright opposition to a developer’s plans to build 4 town houses on a former community amenity area.

The Maytree Close residents contacted Jon Cruddas MP with their strong concerns about the development and after listening to the issues, Jon made his formal objections to Havering Council’s Planning department.

Jon said “This proposed development should be rejected on planning grounds. It would be an overdevelopment and the town houses would be overlooking a number of existing houses in Maytree Close, several others in Stanley Road North that back on to the site and three more houses in Betterton Road.

I understand that this parcel of land was originally a Council owned play area for the local community which was sold off some years ago. It now has several mature trees that will be lost if the plans proceed.”

Residents met with members of Jon’s team at Maytree Close and it was pointed out that access to the land, both during construction phase and following completion of the development, would cause difficulties for residents of the close if planning permission is granted. It was also stated that as the land was originally devoted to local community use by the Council there must be a question over any development plans.