Over the last few months Jon Cruddas was made aware of Havering Councils plans to build 30,000 properties across south Havering including on the green belt and flood plains. This was a major concern for the residents. Jon launched a petition against the plans which has so far accumulated over 1000 signatures.

You can sign online here: www.joncruddas.org.uk

Jon said: "this campaign wasn't an election stunt. This campaign will define the future of the whole community in the south of Havering, and I'm asking everyone to get behind it."

If you want a vision of what the future might look like, just turn your eyes to Orchard Village where a flagship contemporary housing model has become a national scandal. The recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower in Kensington clearly highlights what can happen when developers cut corners. Jon fears that with Orchard Village as a prime example, Havering will not be providing good quality, safe housing.

Wennington Farm and Dovers Green are also prime examples of where beautiful green land with flourishing flora and fauna, are under threat by housing development and mineral extraction to the detriment of the local community.

Just around Rainham some 122.3 hectares of green belt is under threat, which is the equivalent of 171 football pitches. This is 171 football pitches worth of village greens, parks, community spaces, and areas of play for children.

Jon said: "is it right that we lose so much to gain so little? You only have to look at the poor standard of homes that Havering have invested in to see what the future will look like. The south of Havering; Elm Park, Rainham and South Hornchurch has become a dumping ground for all the projects that the Tory council doesn't want on its doorstep in the north.

"Enough is enough. I'm urging residents to join me in saying NO. NO to the destruction of our communities, NO to the irreversible damage to leafy Havering and the environment, and a resounding NO to sub-standard and unsafe housing for local residents."

As with other campaigns it is important to show the prevailing strength of feeling in the community. Starting this week campaign packs will be available to residents, and Jon Cruddas will have petitions in every local shop across Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park. His Havering Action Team will also be out and about speaking to residents door to door.

Campaign packs will include posters, a petition and information flyers for your street.

Don't let the council concrete over Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park.

Order your pack now by emailing Jon's Havering Co-ordinator with your name and full postal address: fay.hough@parliament.uk