Over the past two weeks Jon Cruddas's community volunteers have been out in South Hornchurch, seeing what the residents have to say about the local area. It was brought to Jon's attention by residents on Blacksmiths Lane, Gainsborough Road, Guysfield Drive, Grove Park Road and Avelon Road that the road surfaces are in a constantly deteriorating state of disrepair.

Several lifelong residents have claimed that the last time they remember the council doing any road improvements was 22 years ago. Unfortunately there is a growing feeling of discomfort among residents, many of who argue that "South Havering is the forgotten part of the borough". Following the concerns raised Jon Cruddas will be circulating a survey asking: ‘Do you think Havering Council should be taking steps to improve the quality of your roads?'

Jon commented: "It seems to me that the residents of Elm Park, Rainham and South Hornchurch are constantly overlooked by the Council, and I am inclined to support the resident's claims that South Havering is being left in the cold when it comes to investment.

"Over the coming weeks I will be putting out a survey in the area, not only regarding the roads but the general public feeling about the south of the borough. I will be taking the results of the survey to the highest levels of Havering Council, making sure that in future resident's voices are heard."