In November 2016, five-year old Alex Malcolm was murdered by his mother’s partner while on a walk in Catford. Lily Breha, Alex’s mother, had no knowledge that her partner Marvyn Iheanacho had an extensive history of domestic violence, including attacks on five previous partners.

In London, domestic abuse now accounts for one in ten of all offences. And with three in ten survivors of domestic abuse repeat victims, it is essential that tougher action is taken to protect survivors and their children from these vile acts.

In September 2017, the London Assembly agreed a unanimous motion proposed by Len Duvall AM which recommended the establishment of a Domestic Abusers Register, comparable to the sex offenders register.

A Domestic Abusers Register would put the onus on those that commit, or have committed, domestic abuse related crimes to inform the police of their previous offending history and residence.

It would allow the police to maintain up to date information about repeat and serious perpetrators, increase understanding and actually prevent incidents before they occur.

The London Assembly are asking the people of London for their support. You can add your voice to the campaign by clicking HERE, add your name and tweet your support for the campaign. Let the government know that you think it’s time to establish a Domestic Abuse Register.

You can read the full report HERE