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Petition: Stop Havering's plans to build 30,000 properties

Residents are deeply concerned that their green land and flood plains are going to be concreted over by Havering Council.

Look at Orchard Village. What should have been a model of contemporary social housing is now a national disgrace, a textbook for failure.

Look at Wennington Farm. What should be protected green belt land, with wildlife, flora and fauna, is being lost to gravel extractors bringing seven years of noise and truck pollution to residents.

Look at Dovers Green. This prime green land in the heart of the community is being tossed away to greedy developers. The sad fact of the matter is that Havering’s housing policy is not fit for purpose.

If you care about our green land, our communal spaces, our environment - please sign the petition below - and let's say NO to Havering's plans to concrete over our communities.

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