The Ship- Rainham Village

The Ship- Rainham Village

The Ship is a Christian community cafe that is based in the centre of Rainham Village. It's been open for 25 years but in the last 6 years it's also been offering help to the most in need within our local community. They offer hot home cooked meals, delicious cakes, bags of shopping, and food bank vouchers. Along with feeding the local community they welcome the elderly, lonely, bereaved, or someone who just wants to have a chat, offering a cuppa tea and a slice of cake.

The Ship remained open all through last year during the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lock down. They served takeaway meals and distributed bags of shopping donated from Tesco Rainham, Rainham food bank, local Charities, St Helen's Church Rainham, and local people bringing in donations. They have recently written to all local schools to see if they can help any families through this difficult time. The Ship wants to continue to help the community of Rainham and surrounding area.

In order to continue the work they carry out, The Ship rely on community donations and always reach out for help. St Helen's Church Rainham, a large supporter of the cafe, has had very little income in the last year so cannot give The Ship the support they need currently. This puts the cafes work in jeopardy.

By simply visiting The Ship and donating food or offering donations of money to support the upkeep of the cafe and Ship building, this will help them to carry on providing this vital service in the heart of Rainham.

You can visit The Ship at 1-3 Upminster Road South, Rainham RM13 9YS.