'Say NO' campaign - Rainham rally

Jon Cruddas MP mobilises Dagenham and Rainham against the prison plans

Recently Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham sent out a letter highlighting the issue of the prison proposals in detail to the people of Rainham. The response was phenomenal, residents took the time to write, email and phone Jon’s office raising their own personal concerns and fears surrounding the proposals. Many residents of Rainham and Dagenham have offered their help with the campaign – opting to receive ‘campaign packs’ which consist of information flyers, window posters and petitions with a return address. The request for these packs has been colossal and Jon hopes that everyone in the constituency will come together in support of the campaign as awareness grows.

Quick recap

In 2009 the Ministry of Justice and the GLA put forward plans to build a 1500 capacity prison in Dagenham and Rainham on the Beam Park site. Due to a massive campaign led by Jon Cruddas the plans were overturned. However, in April this year the plans were reissued and had grown. Now the proposal is to build a 2000 capacity prison facility between Dagenham and Rainham, which would make it the largest prison in the UK.

Time for action!

It is clear from the multitude of responses coming from all over the constituency that we need to mobilise more on a local level, in order to capture the attention of the government. We said NO in 2009... And it’s still a resounding NO in 2013! In response to all the residents that have contacted Jon with regard to the prison – Jon has decided to hold an open rally in Rainham to address the issue head on and widen the scope. Rainham Village Primary School have kindly agreed the use of their hall to host the public meeting, the meeting will be taking place on Saturday 13th July from 10.00am onwards and is open to all local residents of Dagenham, Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park who want to attend. Please take note: There is no parking available at the school as the barrier at the entrance is currently broken.

Come and have your say on the prison proposals!