Save Our Sure Start

The Labour Party are joining forces with families across England to campaign to Save Our Sure Start Children's Centres:

A child's lifelong health, happiness and achievements are heavily influenced by their experience before birth and in their earliest years. That's why Labour introduced Sure Start Children's Centres to help build strong family relationships supported by a network of local services. There are now 3,500 centres helping 2.5m children.

Now we want to do more to help mums and to make sure dads are included and supported too. For example, those expecting a child will receive a named contact at Sure Start to see them through their early years and be on hand to provide advice.

The Tories would go from Sure Start to Sure Stop. Instead of the universal service Labour has created for all families, David Cameron says he wants to take Sure Start back to when it was just for the poorest families. The Tories have also said they would cut £200 million each year from the Sure Start budget - which could see one in five children's centres being forced to close.

You can show how much you love your Sure Start centre at