Save Our Campsites!

Fri, 03/05/2021 - 05:00
Save Our Campsites!

Today a local girl guide leader contacted Jon Cruddas MP to inform him of the sad and worrying news of a proposal to close the Girlguiding campsites at Chigwell Row and Cudham Shaw. The campsites offer vital green spaces for local young people of all backgrounds.

This news of closure will be a blow to so many young people in Dagenham and Rainham. The Cudham Shaw site houses Copps Cottage, which is designed for girls with disabilities, ensuring they have access to a Girlguiding camping experience. The campsites are all situated within London Boroughs meaning the closures will significantly impact girls from BAME backgrounds as well as those with disabilities.

Jon Cruddas MP: "The news of the proposal to close the Girlguiding campsites near Dagenham and Rainham is devastating. Considering the events of this year, it is essential now more than ever that young people have a positive and safe outlet. The closure of these campsites will take this important outlet away from many people. I encourage my constituents to sign the petition and help retain these valuable facilities."

If you would like to demonstrate your support, please sign the petition below: