This week the campaign to save Dagenham Police Station comes to a close. The deadline to have your say on the proposed closure of Dagenham Police Station is this Friday (Oct 6th). The petition launched by Jon Cruddas MP has gained over 4,000 signatures. The campaign has gained mounting support from the public, and has also seen the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council jump to the police stations defence. It really is a staggering show of strength and unity from our community.

It has become extremely clear that the people of Barking & Dagenham, and even residents living in our neighbouring boroughs agree it is nonsense to be shutting down Dagenham's only police station. Residents continue to express their worries on how this closure is going to help in the battle against rising violent crime - with the threat of knives, acid attacks, guns and moped crime on our streets. The answer is simple, it’s not.

Dagenham is the most frequently used station in the borough. It has more average daily reports of crime than 17 of the 34 front counters in London NOT under threat; and is the second most frequently visited of the 39 stations earmarked for closure. Closing Dagenham and the Marks Gate front counter will leave thousands of residents facing a trip an hour away, by public transport, to the only remaining police station located in Fresh Wharf, Barking.

Alongside Jon Cruddas MP, the community fought off an attempt by Boris Johnson to axe the station back in 2013. And Jon believes, together, we can do it again. It is absolutely vital that as many people as possible fill out the consultation form, making clear that the community opposes this attack on our safety and our security.

Next week, Jon will travel to London’s City Hall, and hand in the petition to save Dagenham Police Station to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn. Be part of this of this campaign and add your name to the petition before it’s handed over to the Mayor of London.

To sign the petition, click HERE.

To have your say on the consultation click HERE.

Jon Cruddas MP said:

"The closure of this valuable resource is not in the best interests of the community, but, faced with £400m of Tory austerity cuts, this is the plan that’s been laid on the table. Well, we're not giving up on this. We fought and saved the police station four years ago when Boris Johnson tried to axe it. And we are going to save it again this time."