Save Dagenham Police Station

Under recent proposals from Boris Johnson and the Tory-led government Dagenham is set to lose both of its police stations; located at Rainham Road South and in Marks Gate. These closures come as the government cut national police funding by 20 per cent. Locally these cuts will mean that people will have to travel up to 57 minutes to report a crime, and this will undoubtedly lead to an increase in unreported crimes.

The closure of the Dagenham Police Station on Rainham Road South will have a huge impact on the local area, leaving Dagenham residents with nowhere to report crime. It will also mean that response times will be seriously hampered. The nearest Police Station will be the proposed ‘super-station’ housing over 500 officers at the far end of Barking at Fresh Wharf.

The Borough Commander has confirmed that there are plans in the pipeline for ‘pop-up’ police sites across the borough where residents can report crime. The sites have not yet been confirmed but it is thought that there will be one in Dagenham and one in Barking. However local MP Jon Cruddas argues that these sites will be no substitute for a permanent local police presence.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham commented:

“The decision to close Dagenham Police Station is not as far as I am concerned, a viable answer for anything – the government is sacrificing the safety of local communities for a twenty per cent saving.

“Let’s be clear about what this means. Under Boris Johnson and the Tories’ new police plans Dagenham will lose both its police stations at Marks Gate and Rainham Rd South. Leaving the people of Dagenham with reduced protections and less police cover, with officers being relocated to a new police station at the far end of Barking. These proposals are totally unacceptable and I will continue to lobby and campaign against them.

“These closures will leave much of the of Dagenham open to increased levels of crime. I will fight to ensure that local residents have their say on this important issue, one that threatens the protection of local residents, good quality neighbourhood policing and the ability of residents to report crime.

“I am currently in talks with the Borough Commander and will be writing to Boris Johnson on the matter – I am also launching a campaign to combat this decision and I urge the local community in Dagenham to get behind it one hundred per cent.”

Jon Cruddas has launched a local campaign to fight the proposed closure and make the government and Boris Johnson see sense. You can join the campaign by downloading a petition from this link:


and collecting as many signatures as you can.

Petitions should be returned to:

Jon Cruddas MP, Police Petition, 50-52 New Road, Dagenham RM9 6YS