Jon Cruddas, local Labour MP for Barking and Dagenham strongly supports the terrific work of local resident Haedish Khera-White, who has managed to raise a fantastic £922 for the Chadwell Heath Community Centre which is currently being renovated. Haedish is the wife of local Whalebone Councillor John White, and is very active in the local community fundraising for local projects. This year Haedish ran the Brighton Marathon for CHCC. The Marathon is 26.2 miles long, which requires an enormous amount of stamina and training.

Jon Cruddas commented: "It's always encouraging to see local residents standing up and supporting small local charities. It was small charity week last month and the Chadwell Heath Community Centre is a great project which I fully support.

"My congratulations go to Haedish for completing the Brighton Marathon, in what I hear was an impressive time! People like Haedish are a credit to the local community and I hope that this encourages more residents to help CHCC in the future."

The Chadwell Heath Community Centre was once Robert Jeyes Library, and earlier this year it was threatened with closure. However with the resolute support of local charities, donators and businesses the Library managed to stay open. This is currently being renovated into a community centre which means that it can offer more services to the community.

However, such a renovation would not be possible if it wasn't for fundraisers like Mrs. Khera-White and all the hard work that she has put into fundraising in the community.