Rainham Flood Update 17 August

Mon, 08/17/2020 - 06:00
Rainham Flood Update 17 August

Over the last few days Jon Cruddas MP has been liaising with residents who have suffered as a result of flooding in the Rainham area to try and ensure that support is in place for those that need it. Today Jon has written to the Chief Executive of Havering Council raising concerns about the state of drainage in the areas that suffered most.

Residents have alleged that they have contacted the council on numerous occasions requesting that the gullies and drains be properly cleared, residents explained that the council then directed them to Thames Water ? who allegedly sent them back to the council.

Jon said: "now is not the time to pass the buck. It seems that inaction from both Havering Council and Thames Water has led to a situation which could have been avoided if drainage were properly maintained in the area. I have contacted the Chief Executive to get to the bottom of this."

Jon's letter to the Chief Executive can be read in full by clicking HERE

The council's initial response to the situation can be found here: https://www.joncruddas.org.uk/update-rainham-flooding

The Chief Executive has confirmed that on Sunday, council officers were door knocking and spoke with nearly all of the residents of affected homes. As of yesterday, it was confirmed that only one property was left where the fire brigade are still pumping out water from the sub floor.

The Chief Executive said in his update: "There is currently nothing required from the council for those residents, but we will be on site again tomorrow. Once insurers have been down to assess damage there are likely to be bulky items for disposal which we will try to assist with.

"The most pressing thing from the council at the moment is to clean up the A1306 and make that safe for traffic due to the amount of silt on the carriageway. That is being organised now."

Residents are being asked to vacate their properties and to stay with friends/family which is a logistical challenge due to Covid-19 but these are exceptional circumstances.

Jon added: "I am seeking assurances that additional roads not mentioned in the council's first response are now being assisted, and that this is thoroughly investigated by both Thames Water and the Highways Department at Havering Council. Measures must be put in place to ensure that this does not happen again, and in the meantime, I will be doing all I can to make sure my constituents get the help they need."

Additional support has been offered by local Romford based charity S.M.I.L.E who assist families in crisis. They are extending their Covid-19 offer to residents affected by the flooding. They offer the following;

    • - Aldi shopping vouchers (if kitchens have been affected, water affecting fridges, food storage etc)
    • - Internet Dongles (if WiFi hubs and electrics have been affected)
    • - Clothing, toiletries and essentials if having to stay away from home.

They have also kindly stated that once a damage inspection has taken place, if the residents do not have adequate insurance, they can assist by sourcing free furniture if needed.

Find out more here: https://www.smilelondonessex.com/refeer-a-cleint

Alternatively, if you need support please contact the office of Jon Cruddas MP via email cruddasj@parliament.uk or phone on 020 8984 7854