Rainham Flood Update 12 October 2020

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 06:00
Rainham Flood Update 12 October 2020

Following the flash floods in August which disproportionately affected homes in the Rainham area Jon Cruddas MP issued a survey and his team liaised directly with residents to find out the extent of the issues. Jon then contacted the Chief Executive urging Havering Council to address three principal concerns:

  • - Reasonable compensation for the distress, disruption and harm caused to residents' wellbeing.
  • - Effective clearance of surface water drainage system across the areas of Rainham impacted by flooding.
  • - Inspection of the drainage system to ensure that it is adequate and fit for purpose to prevent future such flooding occurrences.

The response explained that:

"The authority is responsible for the gullies within the public highway and the lateral pipework up to the main sewer. The main sewer is the responsibility of Thames Water Utilities and then any sections of river/watercourse downstream are the responsibility of the private landowner. Network Rail have already dredged a stretch of watercourse subsequent to the floods from Brookway to the first set of railway tracks as this was silted and potentially caused a reduction in flow. Further investigations and subsequent works are on-going through the downstream reaches and liaison with Thames Water Utilities to ensure the main sewers are adequately maintained and free flowing."

Havering Council have also expressed that no compensation is likely to be paid whilst they are investigating the source of the flooding in conjunction with Network Rail and Thames Water. Once the investigations are complete and it is determined who is responsible then claims will be processed.

If you were affected by the flooding in August you can download and complete a ?Highways Insurance Claim Form' by clicking HERE