Rainham Diesel Fumes Investigated

Image of Jon
Rainham Diesel Fumes Investigated

Over the last few months many Rainham residents have raised the issue of strong diesel fumes in the air with Jon Cruddas MP. The MPs office put an enquiry in to Havering Council and their Environmental Health Department.

This week the council have informed Jon that officers have been out on a number of occasions (including at night and at weekends) to try and detect the odour, and also the source of the smell. Unfortunately, they have not been able to detect the smell at any strong level that may amount to a statutory nuisance, nor determine the source of it.

However, the council have assured Jon that they will continue to monitor the area and are working alongside residents to log incidents of strong fumes so that they can ascertain the source and address the issue.

Jon Cruddas MP said: “I have been contacted by quite a few local people across the Rainham area about poor air quality, particularly about fuel fumes and chemical-like odours. East London has some of the poorest health outcomes relating to air quality in London so I will continue to liaise with the council for regular updates on this situation to ensure that residents health isn’t being put at risk.”