Jon Cruddas MP recently met with Barclays Bank to discuss their decision to close the Rainham Village branch on the 15th May, 2020. Jon Cruddas has expressed his concerns publicly regarding the forthcoming closure, stating that "with an ageing population we should be looking to preserve our face to face customer services. Moving to digital may be financially prudent, but when it's at the expense of potentially hundreds of people in Rainham I simply can't support it."

Jon took the concerns of Rainham residents directly to the bosses at Barclays, whom explained that the decision to close the branch is based on more customers using alternative ways to do their banking either on line or by telephone, and that customers visiting the branch had steadily declined over the years with a further 21 per cent drop of transactions in the last 24 months.

This closure means Barclays' nearest branches will be at Dagenham Heathway, Hornchurch and Romford. Jon was also informed that residents can carry out everyday transactions such as paying in a cheque, depositing cash and balance enquiries, at the Post Office at 77-79 Wennington Road, Rainham RM13 9TH.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "During our meeting I urged Barclays to reconsider their decision, taking into account the effect this will have on our community. Barclays stated that the final decision had been made and the planned closure will go ahead. I am completely against this move, and asked what measures they would take to mitigate the impact on older residents."

Jon added: "Barclays have assured me that their staff at Rainham branch are proactively contacting elderly and vulnerable customers who they have identified are more dependent on the branch to make sure they can do their banking before the branch closes."

Barclays' will be hosting ‘Tea and Teach' sessions at the Rainham Village branch for customers (and non-customers) on the dates and times below. These informal and friendly events help people to understand how to not only do online and mobile banking, but also Skype families and friends, email, order groceries on line, pay utility bills and access social media websites. The Barclays Digital Eagles also cover using correct forms of passwords and fraud prevention.

Forthcoming events:

8th April - From 12.00 – 15:45pm

22nd April - From 14.00 – 15:45pm

29th April - From 12.00 - 15:45 pm.