Proposed cuts to ESA - local impact

Proposed cuts to ESA - local impact

Yesterday evening the House of Lords voted to stop the government in their tracks yet again. The government was defeated in the Lords over plans to cut ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) by £29.05 per week; from £102.15 to £73.10. This money helps support some of the most vulnerable people in society, helping those who are disabled or too sick and unfit for work.

Based on information provided by Macmillan which is publically available via the DWP, there are 520 constituents that will be effected by the implementation of this policy in Dagenham & Rainham.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham & Rainham commented: "We need to be investing more in providing tailored advice and support for people with disabilities, in order to help them find work. Simply penalising people by cutting support is not an incentive to get them back into work. It is demoralising and adds an extra strain on already vulnerable members of society.

"I'm pleased that the Lords has knocked back this policy, highlighting and taking into consideration the wider unease with the proposed cut. Without support many disabled people are in danger of falling through the cracks; being pushed into poverty and further away from potential work; and becoming yet another casualty of this Tory government. Which is just unacceptable."

Peers opposed the cut and won with a majority of 85. The 283 peers that voted against were mainly Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench. There is also an ongoing campaign being run by a large group of national disability charities, hoping to combat the government on this issue. The cut, which is part of the wider welfare and benefit reform bill will now come back before the Commons for further debate.