Jon Cruddas MP is fighting cuts to the emergency services in Havering. New plans propose that Hornchurch Fire Station should lose its Fire Rescue Unit (FRU). The Fire Rescue Unit is specialist equipment that deals primarily with road crashes but are instrumental in responding to any terrorist attack within London. The proposals will mean that the London Borough of Havering will be left with no Fire Rescue Units which will leave the whole of East London under-protected. Proposals from the Revised Fifth London Safety Plan (LSP5) will mean FRU’s will be reduced across London and crewing levels will be cut from 5 to 4. These plans will see a total of 588 fire fighters lose their jobs and the public will be left at risk from a service they fund. If these plans go ahead it will mean that in times of emergency the Fire Rescue Unit s will have to come from across London with the closest being East Ham. Jon said: The Fire Rescue Unit being cut from Hornchurch Fire Station is a real worry and has consequences across the whole area. I will be fighting these cutbacks every step of the way. I have launched a petition to show the broad public support for keeping the FRU via my website. I have written to the Mayor of London asking to halt this cut. I would appreciate as much support from the public as possible by signing the petition.

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