Scooter and quad bike gangs are the new scourge on our streets and it's time that police took decisive action.

This is not some form of anti-social behaviour. This is criminal behaviour that is terrorising young and old. Yesterday a 19-year-old was injured after being pushed off his moped in Porters Road - the latest in a string of incidents.

Fortunately I understand the young man is not seriously injured. But it really is only a matter of time before we are dealing with a graver event.

My team recently carried out a survey into crime and anti-social behaviour and found 95 per cent of people said the problem had got worse in recent years. As MP for the area for the last 16 years I have to, sadly, agree. I now intend to take this matter up with the Borough Commander for Dagenham, Rainham, Elm Park and South Hornchurch. We need to look at a host of ways of tackling the scourge of these scooter gangs. On one level that could mean speed cameras and traffic-calming measures. But what I really want to see is a decisive commitment by police to treat these as serious crimes and back that up with extra patrols and a determination to investigate all such incidents as a priority.

If you agree that it's time for police to prioritise action against the scooter gangs, please sign this petition.

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