Remember the Robert Jeyes Library? After local Ward Councillors and various charity groups campaigned hard for the library to stay open and continue providing its services earlier this year, we have some more great news! It is now being converted into the Chadwell Heath Community Centre (CHCC), and will provide more services to the local community on top of those the library used to provide.

The hope is that CHCC with its guiding core values of ensuring community cohesion, enablement, empowerment, and responsiveness, will be a continued and enduring part of the community.

The Community Centre is scheduled to open in the summer of 2014. It will be providing a host of services: A volunteer run community library; A Children’s Centre; Art, Dance and Drama activities; Activities for the elderly, the young, and toddlers; and it will have rooms for hire.

The Community Centre will also do its part in emphasizing sustainability and a sustainable lifestyle. With a community garden it hopes to be able to educate the young and those of any age in how to become more sustainable in their everyday life.

The CHCC will be run, managed, and cared for by volunteers. With all these services and activities lined up, the CHCC is calling for any and all volunteers that would like to offer their services in anyway they can.

For any further information or if you would like to take up any of the following volunteer positions:

  • Caretaker/handyman
  • Volunteer manager
  • Leaflet deliverers
  • Charity tin collectors
  • Minute takers
  • Outside maintenance/gardeners
  • Admin and social media
  • Filing volunteer
  • Website building

You can contact the CHCC at:

Chadwell Heath Community Centre,

Robert Jeyes Community Library,

High Road, Chadwell Heath RM6 6AS

Mob: 07542 179068 | Phone: 020 8270 4305