Jon Cruddas MP recently undertook a survey in Melville Road and Cowper Road in Rainham regarding the problems residents were facing trying to park in their own road. Many residents complained to Jon that commuters using Rainham Rail Station use Melville and Cowper Road to park their cars up before heading to work and leave them there till late in the evening resulting in residents not be able to park in their own road.

Jon Cruddas MP wrote to the London Borough of Havering Council about the issues residents were having. Havering council have now written back to Jon Cruddas MP and confirmed that a although parts of Melville and Cowper Road are covered by commuter parking restrictions between Monday and Friday 8:30am to 9:30am, that this period is not sufficient in dealing with the current problems.

Havering council have now put in place an informal consultation to formalise a new scheme to stop commuters from parking in Melville and Cowper Road. An officer will be carrying out a consultation and will develop an appropriate design.

Jon Cruddas MP said “Commuter parking in Melville Road and Cowper Road is such a problem and one that I want to see resolved. It’s a positive step to see the council committing to a new plan and designing an appropriate scheme. Of course we will have to wait and see what the specific plans are but this is a positive step.”

Further developments will be updated via this website.