Jon Cruddas MP visited Chafford School in Rainham to discuss the schools application for a Department for Education grant to rebuild the Chafford Sports Complex.

Chafford Sports Complex is in a state of disrepair and structurally the site is in a very poor condition. The school has applied for a grant from the Capital Academies Fund from the Department for Education. The grant will also be used to fix a very alarming problem with the schools' electrical supply.

The electrical sub-station that Chafford School use is very old and over time has rusted. This means the power supply could go off at any time and leave the school without any power.

Chafford School Head Teacher Gary Pratt and Business Manager Stuart Reeve have outlined the plans for the future of Chafford and want the school to become the focus of the local community. The proposed plans are available to view generally at the school's main entrance (Lambs Lane South, Rainham, Essex, RM13 9XD) from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Jon Cruddas MP said "Chafford School have shown great leadership and I am supporting them 100% to get this funding from the Department for Education. Obviously we cannot have the situation where a school is permanently at risk of the lights going out. I believe the Department for Education have to act sensibly and grant this funding to Chafford. I have contacted the Department and am seeking a meeting with ministers to discuss the bid"