In celebration of the anniversary of the Great Reform Act and the introduction of voter registration, Bite the Ballot is co-ordinating a national day of events on 5th February run by schools, businesses and community groups with the aim of ensuring that as many people as possible register to vote on National Voter Registration Day.

The aim of the day is simple - to empower future generations of young people to realise that they have a say and a stake in decisions affecting their future.

This annual day of coordinated action will see businesses, community groups and schools registering thousands of eligible young voters, showing them how and why they should take part in our democratic system - sparking their political journeys into local, national and globally-minded citizens.

The campaign organisers, Bite the Ballot - who are on a mission to inspire young Britons to embrace their democratic responsibilities - have created fantastic, free resources for students and teachers to run registration events.

This day of action has huge potential in bringing us closer to witnessing the largest turn-out of voters at the next General Election whilst, crucially, helping us build a more robust and reliable register in preparation for the transition to individual electoral registration.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "February 5th 2014 marks the UK's first National Voter Registration Day and I hope as many people as possible sign up on the day. It is a vital part of our democratic process that people register and use their vote."

For more information, please see the official website of the campaign at