MP Jon Cruddas says NHS reorganisation is putting local patient's lives at risk

New, official figures list the costs of NHS redundancies in every community during the first year of the Tory-led Government's NHS re-organisation. Figures reveal that Barking and Dagenham's NHS has already been forced to spend £1,858,000 laying off staff - only for many expected to be re-employed elsewhere in the system. And this is just the first phase of redundancies - further damaging figures are expected in the summer.
The new figures come as a leaked Government 'business case' for its Health Bill confirms the vast overall costs of the Government's NHS reorganisation. It confirms that £12,918,468 in Barking and Dagenham is being held back from NHS patient care to pay for the re-organisation.
Local MP Jon Cruddas has come out to attack the new figures, claiming that the top-down reorganisation of the NHS will further stretch an already overburdened health service in his constituency of Dagenham and Rainham.
He said; "People will want to know why our local NHS has been forced to waste nearly £2 million on payouts only for many of the same staff to be re-employed in the new NHS organisations. This is only the first wave of redundancies - more are expected later this year and next as part of the Government's reckless NHS re-organisation that will cost £13 million in our area alone.
"Barking and Dagenham's NHS is counting the cost of David Cameron's arrogance. By pushing ahead with a re-organisation no-one wants, he is taking billions away from the NHS front-line just as it needs to focus on patient care.
"With Queens Hospital already struggling to cope, King George Hospital being threatened with closure, and our entire local health service being pressed to breaking point, this re-organisation isn't just a danger to our NHS, its placing lives at risk."