New Community Centre and Food Bank in Dagenham Village

New Community Centre and Food Bank in Dagenham Village

Last week local Village Ward Councillors Margaret Mullane, and Philip Waker visited the new food bank and community centre ? The Save and Serve Christ Family Church, to find out more and meet the faith organisations behind the new project.

The charity arm of Save and Serve Christ Family Church (COD) is just one of many churches in the Dagenham and Rainham constituency that make the effort to create a sense of community and comfortability for residents within the area.

The ?all you can eat' Free Breakfast occurs every Sunday morning. This provides a fantastic opportunity for residents of the constituency to freely consume as much English breakfast, cereal and pastries, as they wish. This is particularly beneficial to those residents who are unable to afford breakfast meals for themselves and their families. Additionally, the Free Breakfast on Sunday enables residents to eat alongside other members of the community, which is what community is all about - a diverse group of people coming together.

Jon Cruddas MP who has spoken out previously about the unfortunate growing necessity of foodbanks, praised the organisation; "It is great to see organisations such as this reaching out across communities to address the issues that are becoming ever more prevalent in our society; such as food poverty. Food banks are in double figures across my constituency and I commend the efforts of all those that work hard to deliver the vital service and support they provide."

The COD distributes food to residents finding it difficult to purchase enough food to avoid malnutrition and hunger. With the increase in austerity measures, this sort of programme is becoming an unfortunate necessity in the Dagenham and Rainham constituency which is one of the most impoverished areas in London, being affected most by such economic measures. Thanks to COD, residents affected by austerity are relieved from the full impact of austerity.

Charitable faith group centres where people can meet their needs and enjoy community life is the genuine service provided by COD. Through faith groups local resdients are making valuable contributions to communities in need.

For further enquiries on the Free Breakfast programme you can contact The Save and Serve Christ Family Church on 020 8595 9242 or 0208 5928 770. For enquiries on the Food Storehouse programme, you can contact on 0208 5928 770 as well or email COD at