New C2C Rainham User Group

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 06:00
New C2C Rainham User Group

Jon Cruddas has worked tirelessly to increase the C2C trainlines from the various problems they have had in the past. After an extensive consultation in early 2017, thousands of residents voiced their outrage at the poor service they were receiving from the C2C trainlines. Due to this, Jon met with C2C bosses to discuss the ongoing issues with their services through Rainham.

Much success has been seen from these meetings, with the addition of 24 new carriages being delivered to the C2C by 2019. There has also been an increase in services offered, such as the increase in services offered on Sunday. Since his meeting, the C2C have introduced four more carriages during the morning rush hours, meaning that all five trains calling at Rainham between 7:15am and 8:30am have eight carriages instead of four.

C2C are currently in the process of reshaping their services to accommodate for the new Beam Park housing development, which will include new trains, bringing a total of 60 new carriages to the line. C2C highlighted at the recent meeting that they are keen to get input from local residents as they move forward and develop the service.

With the addition of all of this, Jon's Havering Coordinator created a user group to give residents a voice on improving their service, and they will have regular meetings in which they will give feed back to C2C bosses and train planners.

However, there has not been any activity of people joining the group. We are still in search of five or six different commuters who use the service at different times, to make sure everyone is represented.

If you are interested in joining this user group, please email Jon's Havering Coordinator, Fay Hough at