This Monday, November 10th, marked the beginning of Trustees' Week, a celebration of the one million charity trustees across England and Wales. Charities will be holding hundreds of events this week to thank their trustees for their hard work and dedication. Trustees are the backbone of any charity, and they perform many vital services often without much recognition.

In Dagenham and Rainham, 100 voluntary organisations and roughly 500 trustees work tirelessly to improve the community. Without these people and their hard work, our area would lack many of the services it enjoys. Trustees are always in high demand, and as many as 1 in 5 charities are currently actively seeking new trustees. This week is a great time to consider supporting a charity in this way. Trustees not only contribute to their community is a positive way, they also learn new skills and meet different people.

Jon commented: "I am very happy to celebrate Trustees' Week. My constituency of Dagenham and Rainham relies on the efforts of voluntary organisations and the trustees who make them run. I am especially proud of all the trustees from the local area who give up their time and energy in order to improve the community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my constituents who work with charities, for their dedication and selflessness."