This week, Havering Council announced that two local businesses have been awarded demolition contracts by joint venture partners, Havering Council and Wates Residential, as part of Havering's new regeneration project.

Napier and New Plymouth House in South Hornchurch Ward, Rainham will be demolished as part of the council's 12 estates joint venture project. The project aims to provide 3,000 new homes around the borough, seeing the regeneration of 12 council estates.

The land will remain in Council ownership. 4,000 homes in Havering have been bought through the ‘right to buy' scheme and they need to be replaced. The scheme has promised to provide affordable council housing for local people.

Although out of the 3,000 homes the majority will be available to rent – some homes will be available to purchase at ‘Low Cost Home Ownership,' where the Council retain a share in the property and it must be sold back to the Council when the owner moves.

The Napier House and New Plymouth House tower blocks in the South Hornchurch ward are to be demolished and replaced with mixed-tenure homes.

Kilnbridge has been awarded a contract to undertake controlled demolition of Napier and New Plymouth House and a two-storey car park on Dunedin Road in Rainham. Demolition will be carried out behind a full scaffold enclosure to minimise the impact on neighbouring residential streets.

Dates of demolition are still to be announced.