Back in November, Jon Cruddas MP emailed Havering Council after receiving emails from constituents regarding an abandoned property at 89 New Road, Rainham. This property has sat abandoned for many years and is increasingly attracting fly tipping. Residents mentioned that as quick as the council clean up the fly tipping, it's back again the same week.

This month Jon finally received a response from the council stating that the site was visited by an Enforcement Officer, who noted that there is a Planning notice on the building dated December 2020 with the property due to be demolished for new flats.

The council confirmed that although there is excessive waste within the confines of the property, the site is secured, and that they are unable to take any further action until the planning application is determined. A decision is due by 18th February 2021.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "I don't think this is a suitable response. Regardless of planning, the property is close to residential streets and the continuation of fly-tipping, without action, could lead to a public health issue. Not to mention an eyesore for residents which has spilled onto the highway and if left could cause an obstruction."

Jon went back to the council raising these points and today received a response. The council has informed Jon that officers have enquired with planning who holds responsibility to clear the waste while the site is waiting for planning permission.

While the council have no issues with serving the relevant enforcement notices, they must be issued to the correct parties. But thanks to Jon raising this issue the council have tasked an officer to patrol the area and refer any issues to the correct council departments accordingly. The council also informed Jon that the rubbish obstructing the post box has been removed.

Havering Council have provided assurances that Jon will be kept thoroughly updated on the matter and all future actions taken.